Safeguarding Our Community

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All events at Sames Auto Arena, an ASM Global managed facility on behalf of the City of Laredo, will activate “Venue Shield”– an advanced environmental hygiene protocol developed for more than 325 ASM facilities around the world. All protocols are aligned with public health, medical, and industry authorities. Venue Shield reduces physical touch points, increases venue sanitization & cleanliness, and provides various health monitoring guidelines & services.

The safety guidelines and protocols in place at the Sames Auto Arena include:

General Precautions

Facemasks: Patrons will be required to follow local and state official guidelines, in conjunction with policy mandated within the venue. Sames Auto Arena staff requires all attendees to wear masks at all times and signage around the venue reinforces this message.

Handwashing: Handwashing facilities with soap will be readily accessible throughout the venue. Hand sanitizer stations will be abundantly accessible and always within sight. Hand sanitizer stations will be located near high-touch surfaces, communal concourse areas, queuing systems, and entry points.

Social Distancing: Social distancing is promoted to the best extent possible in all areas, including but not limited to: venue entrances and exits, concourse space, venue seating, restrooms, food service areas and box office. When social distancing cannot be achieved, steps will be taken to install physical barriers such as Plexiglas at concession stands and bars.

Cleaning Process: As part of our Hygiene and Sanitation Regime, consideration for the following have been made in the implementation of procedures. The venue will implement an Enhanced Environmental Clean Standard Procedure. This will include normal cleaning activities as per venue schedule and standard with the addition of the following steps for disinfection. The use of alcohol-based disinfectant utilizing an electrostatic sprayer on all surfaces that are high touch points and high traffic, as well as wipe surfaces to ensure coverage.  This process will be repeated at a maximum of 4-hour intervals.

Arrivals / Parking / Departures the Sames Auto Arena

All parking areas will be open. Patrons will need to be familiar with verbiage on ticket. Ticket will state what seat assignment, parking lot, and gate to enter. In addition, the venue has established a drop off and pick up area which is located at the main entrance. Outdoor floor graphics and signage will be placed for safe entrance guidance.

Box Office Operations

The minimal box office windows will be utilized. The operating windows will have a safety glass in place. Floor materials will be placed to observe six (6) feet intervals. There will be focus on all contactless ticketing at all points of entry.  


Metal Detectors & Wanding: Use of magnetometers and/or wanding is mandatory and will be employed to maintain the security of the venue. Security staff using wands will wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ensure the wand does not make contact with patrons. 

Bag Checks: Even during a pandemic, it remains important for security reasons to keep prohibited items out of the venue. To reduce the amount of contact between staff and patrons’, bags larger than 12” x 12” x 6” will be prohibited. If a patron needs to bring a larger bag for medical or other essential reasons, these bags must be transparent.

Re-Entry: Once you have entered the building, re-entry will not be allowed.

Customer Departure: Staged exiting will be employed to manage the flow of patrons to minimize line up over-crowding. There will be constant communication that will occur through the advance public communication plan and will be reinforced with regular announcements during the event including on the video replay screens, when available. Patrons will be called by section when it is their turn to depart.


Emergency Exit Plan: The goal of maintaining six (6) feet social distance, when local rules require it between people, will be a secondary consideration if there is a clear and imminent danger requiring an emergency evacuation.

Public Circulation

Public Common Areas: We will encourage people to keep social distancing rules in common areas and concourses through extensive signage and marks on the floor if local rules require it. When possible, make sure entrances are designated based on sections and assign specific restrooms and concessions to this area as well to minimize people movement around the entire facility. Sanitize high-touch areas often. As soon as doors are open, surfaces and objects that are touched frequently will be regularly disinfected using products approved by the applicable health authority.

Concourses: When possible, patrons will be ticketed to the entry gate closest to their seats to minimize unnecessary circulation within the venue. Define and identify walking routes inside of the facility. If possible, make the walking routes one-way to ensure that guests are moving in the same direction within an area. Patrons are not allowed to stop in the concourse unless in a controlled and designated waiting area like the restroom/concession line up.

ADA Accessibility: Any space or queuing system that reduces points of ingress or egress must ensure continued ADA accessibility and entry to the venue. The venue will ensure within its ticketing manifest that the legally required portion of seats are accessible including accommodation for carers and that accessible pathways are always maintained. Patrons whose disability makes them unable to wait in a long line will be provided with an expedited access procedure. Sames Auto Arena employs Guest Services personnel for people with special needs who will be on staff on event days to deal with any issues.

Public Restroom Access: All of the public restrooms within the venue have one entrance, patrons will enter and leave by keeping left and observing social distancing.  Signage will support this flow. In circumstances where urinals and wash basins are closer than six (6) feet, every second unit will be taken out of use

Accessible Toilets and Baby Changing Stations: These facilities will be maintained by an attendant at a minimum of every hour from opening of gates to sanitize all touch points between each use.

Merchandise: External merchandise outlet will have its own queueing system, social distancing markers and hand sanitisation stations. Through signage, customers will be prohibited from trying on clothing or other merchandise.

Elevators/ Stairs: If local rules require to maintain six (6) feet social distancing, we will limit to a maximum of four (4) persons at one time. Elevators will be prioritized for accessible guests and accessible employees. Signage defining capacities as well as hygiene guidelines will be placed at all elevator entries and within the elevators themselves. Physical Distancing queuing will be provided at each elevator.

Hand sanitizer will be placed at each elevator lobby adjacent to call button. Alternative access by stairs will also be provided to minimize queueing and congestion.

Drinking Fountain: Drinking fountains will not be operational until further notice. No direct water fountain use will be allowed. 

*Additional Policy and Procedures are available upon request. *